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Exterior Pylon Signage

Introducing the "Saints Martha & Mary Separate School"

Exterior Signage Digital Smart Board Project and Replacement. Our mission was to upgrade the school's exterior signage and introduce a cutting-edge digital smart board system that could be accessed and controlled remotely, enhancing communication and interaction within the school community.

Project Overview

Exterior Signage Replacement: Our primary objective was to replace the school's exterior signage with a fresh, modern design that reflected the school's identity and values.

Digital Smart Board Installation: We installed a state-of-the-art digital smart board system within the school, allowing for remote access and control. This technology transformed the way information was shared and lessons were conducted.

Modern Exterior Signage: The replacement of the exterior signage included a refreshed design that aligned with the school's image, improved visibility, and aesthetics, and durability to withstand various weather conditions.

Remote-Accessible Digital Smart Board: The digital smart board system offered cutting-edge interactive capabilities for teachers and students, remote access, and control, facilitating dynamic and engaging learning experiences, and integration with modern teaching and communication tools.

Our project had a significant impact on the school.

Enhanced Communication: The modern exterior signage effectively communicated the school's identity and values to the community.

Interactive Learning: The digital smart board system revolutionized teaching and learning, making lessons more engaging and interactive.

Remote Accessibility: The ability to access and control the smart board remotely provided flexibility and convenience to educators.

We were committed to creating a visually appealing and technologically advanced learning environment that fostered communication and innovation. Satisfaction and the educational advancement of your students were our top priorities. Together, we paved the way for a brighter and more interactive past at your school.


Project Name:

Exterior Pylon Signage




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