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Mississauga Senior Center

Introducing the Mississauga Senior Center Renovation Project.

Exterior Signage Digital Smart Board Project and Replacement. Our mission was to upgrade the school's exterior signage and introduce a cutting-edge digital smart board system that could be accessed and controlled remotely, enhancing communication and interaction within the school community.

Project Overview

Main Entrance Lobby Renovation: Our primary focus was on revitalizing the main entrance lobby of the Mississauga Senior Center. We achieved this through the following key upgrades.

Automatic Doors and Soffit: We aimed to replace the existing entrance doors with advanced automatic door systems, promoting efficiency, accessibility, and security. A new soffit was installed to complement the doors, adding an elegant architectural touch.

Redesigned Office for BF Accessibility: Our team redesigned the lobby's office space, ensuring it accommodates individuals with mobility challenges, adhering to best practices for Barrier-Free (BF) accessibility.

New Finishes: To elevate the lobby's aesthetics, we introduced a range of new finishes. These high-quality materials left a lasting impression on all visitors.

Steel-Cut Signage: Custom steel-cut signage was added to enhance the Mississauga Senior Center's identity, providing a sophisticated and unique touch.

Solid Countertops: In the newly designed office area, we incorporated durable and visually appealing solid countertops. These served both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Glass Partitions: The introduction of glass partitions created an open and visually connected space while maintaining functionality.

Enhanced Accessibility and Security: With the installation of state-of-the-art automatic door systems, the lobby became more accessible and secure. These systems were designed to enhance user-friendliness while improving energy efficiency.

Impact our project delivered significant benefits.

Enhanced Security: The automatic door systems enhanced the security of the Mississauga Senior Center, ensuring controlled access and minimizing unauthorized entry.

Efficiency and Convenience: The modernized lobby improved overall efficiency, making it more accessible and user-friendly for all occupants, including those with mobility challenges.

Energy Efficiency: The upgraded doors and lighting contributed to energy savings, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Experience the positive impact as we modernize access systems, enhance accessibility, and contribute to a more secure, efficient, and welcoming past for all visitors.


Project Name:

Mississauga Senior Center




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