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Corpus Christi Separate School

Introducing the "Corpus Christi Separate School" Renovation Project

Welcome to the "Corpus Christi Separate School" Barrier-Free Renovation Project. Our mission is to create a fully accessible and modern washroom facility within a newly laid-out room, complete with updated plumbing, permanent walls, HVAC, lighting systems, and fresh finishes.

Project Overview

Barrier-Free Washroom Creation: Our primary focus is on constructing a fully accessible washroom within a newly laid-out room. This comprehensive project includes the following key elements:

New Room Layout: We have redesigned the room layout to accommodate the creation of a barrier-free washroom while optimizing space and ensuring accessibility.

Washroom Construction: We are building a brand-new washroom with updated plumbing and fixtures to meet modern standards of convenience and hygiene.

Permanent Wall Installation: Permanent walls are being installed to ensure the washroom's integrity and durability, providing a safe and reliable facility.

HVAC and Lighting Systems: We are introducing new HVAC and lighting systems to ensure comfort and efficiency within the newly renovated space.

New Finishes: The project includes fresh finishes to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the washroom and surrounding area.

Barrier-Free Accessibility: The newly constructed washroom will offer: Accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring everyone can use the facilities comfortably. Modern fixtures and plumbing for convenience and hygiene. Enhanced HVAC and lighting systems for optimal comfort and safety.

Our project will have a profound impact on "Corpus Christi Separate School."

Accessibility: The barrier-free washroom will promote inclusivity and accessibility for all students and staff.

Modern Amenities: The updated fixtures, plumbing, HVAC, and lighting systems will ensure a comfortable and efficient washroom experience.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Fresh finishes will improve the overall look and feel of the space, creating a welcoming environment.

We are committed to creating a fully accessible and modern washroom facility that promoted inclusivity and convenience for all.


Project Name:

Corpus Christi Separate School




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