Top 3 Signs of Foundation Damage in Houses or Commercial Buildings

Your house is probably your most valuable investment. It not only reflects your personality but also protects your family. That’s why it pays to protect every aspect of your house. The strength of any building lies in its foundation. But unfortunately, most homeowners often neglect the health of their home’s foundation.

Over the years, like other parts of your home, the foundation also requires some maintenance. The change in soil composition beneath the foundation may lead to major structural problems within your home. When a structure is out of level, it needs urgent repairing to avoid other potential issues.

Foundation repair is a necessary part of any home maintenance plan. By timely fixing minor problems before it turns into a major issue, homeowners can save thousands of dollars. This is because proactive foundation repair is much less expensive than reactive foundation repair. To help you avoid major foundation-related problems, we’ve listed the top 3 signs that you need foundation repairs. By identifying the following warning signs of foundation damage in houses or commercial structures, you can take timely action to solve the issue.

  1. Foundation Cracks and Fractures

Typically, expanding and contracting soils, as well as rainy weather, negatively impact the health of your foundation. If you spot gaps in your foundation or cracks in the floor and walls of your home, it signals a problem with the foundation. It’s quite common and normal to find 1/16” hairline fissures. However, more horizontal cracks in brick exteriors indicate a problem. Vertical cracks aren’t that serious because dry walls run in that same direction. Although, be watchful of a gap of even ¼”. Also, the cracks of length more than 15mm, which is .6” needs to be fixed immediately. Take a look at the interior walls to find out horizontal cracks. The 45-degree angle fractures indicate that severe foundation movement has occurred. It is to be noted here that cracks don’t always mean that your foundation is damaged.

  1. Sagging or Uneven Floors

If you notice cracked tiles or hollow-sounding near tile, it suggests that the foundation beneath has dipped downward. A damaged foundation creates an uneven surface for your home. The slab foundations and pier and beam foundations show different signs of damage because they’re positioned differently. In the case of pier and beam foundations, the damage is indicated with sagging floors. While concrete slabs foundation damage makes floors uneven or out of level. All these conditions can be dangerous and need to get repaired by a foundation repair specialist before it is too late.

  1. Gaps around Window Frames or Exterior Doors

Another warning sign of foundation damage is gaps around your home’s exterior window frames and exterior doors. This includes warped doorframes and difficulty to open doors. In addition to this, sometimes the kitchen cabinets or countertops also become tilted. They might develop a gap 1/8” wide from the wall.

These are just the top three warning signs of foundation damage. Settlement issues, standing water, and mold growth near the bottom of the walls are some other commonly noticed signs of damage. Whichever sign you notice always consult a home renovation and repair contractor to prevent further damage.