Basement Underpinning

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Basement Underpinning in Toronto

Only hire proven professionals for a construction project that involves your building foundation.  Having your basement underpinned can affect your entire property if it’s not completed with care.

Why Underpin Your Basement?

Basement underpinning is carried out to provide more support to a structure that was initially poorly built or has deteriorated with time. If a basement is found with cracks measuring wider than ¼ of an inch; underpinning is recommended.

In addition, homeowners may seek underpinning to increase the height of their basement ceiling. For a home, underpinning can significantly improve the space and aesthetic of a basement. Thus increasing property value for future buyers.

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Basement Underpinning Methods

Underpinning is complex for any contractor, and requires special attention to detail. Different structural circumstances, will require different methods.

Some basements need to be excavate to great depths. Screw and piles are brackets that can withstand strong forces when installed in the building foundation.

Method To use this method, the system requires a “min-pile” which must be installed on two sides of the structure. The piles then replace any brickwork initially used to create the structure. This method is mainly used in traditional underpinning projects.

The Basement Underpinning Process

Underpinning is time sensitive event, which can be noisy and inconvenient for homeowners. A full basement underpinning project typically requires 4-6 weeks to complete.

Although depending on the season, construction projects can be prolonged due to heavy rain or snow. Especially given the unpredictable weather in southern Ontario.

Basement Underpinning should never be carried out by an amateur. The process is meticulous and requires a number of industry experts. Firstly, it is mandatory to hire a structural engineer. This professional engineer will be in charge of assessing the foundation and surrounding area.

Following an assessment a mandatory building code document is formulated and presented to the local municipality for a stamp of approval. To gain approval for an underpinning job in the GTA you’ll need approval from your local municipality. Whether you’re in Richmond Hill, Pickering, or Toronto, you will be responsible for abiding by your local bylaws.

After gaining approval for your project, a professional basement-underpinning contractor must be hired to tackle the project.

Furthermore, the engineer’s project plan must be carefully considered. Initially a small section of the foundation below the concrete must be removed and then replaced with a joist. Then, concrete strips or piles are removed and a new concrete floor is laid.

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