Architecture & Interior Design

Custom Built Homes in Toronto

The opportunity to design your own house is an incredibly rewarding experience. However, it can also be very stressful for new homeowners. Thankfully we work with some of Toronto’s best interior designers for our residential projects. As well our in house architects and contractors are dedicated working with clients to develop polished blueprints. In addition, we ensure that our building proposals are  sustainable while meeting Canadian building codes.

With over 20 years of experience, we have have shaped ourselves as a multidisciplinary architecture and construction firm. Whether you envision a modern or Feng Shui architectural elements for your housing, we will adequately adjust to your preferences.

Luxury Custom Bathroom

Modern Architecture

A timeless residential interior is iconic, sustainable, and within the scope of the homeowners vision. We’re passionate about maintaining that standard. 

As we’ll special emphasis must be placed on detail and space-saving components.  Luckily, we work with highly experienced designers that integrate the newest and most innovative concepts on the market.

Feng Shui in Architecture

Unlike most renovation companies, we work with  architects that are conscious of Feng Shui in interior design. Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical system which brings harmonization within neighboring environments. This is also the belief of binding forces in the universe (earth, water, wind, air, humanity). Thus, we believe Feng Shui is a key element of clean and cohesive architecture. Furthermore, our residential designs make strong use of natural light. As well, we often opt for open-concept designs that make use of natural elements such as wood, water and natural stone.
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