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City of Peterborough

City of Peterborough: Transforming spaces through flooring and vestibule renovations.

This initiative is set to redefine the aesthetic and functionality of a key public space within our city.

Project Overview

Enhancing Public Spaces: The Flooring and Vestibule Renovations project signifies our commitment to creating inviting and functional public spaces. Focused on aesthetics and practicality, these renovations aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

Central Location: these renovations are strategically located to have a positive impact on the daily experiences of those accessing this prominent city space.

Key Renovations

Modern Flooring Solutions: The project includes the installation of modern and durable flooring solutions. Whether it's high-traffic areas or spaces that require a touch of sophistication, the new flooring will be selected to enhance both the visual appeal and longevity of the public space.

Revitalized Vestibule: The vestibule, being a crucial entry point, will undergo a revitalization to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional gateway. From updated lighting to improved signage, every detail is carefully considered to enhance the overall experience of those entering the space.

Community Impact

Improved Accessibility: The Flooring and Vestibule Renovations prioritize accessibility, ensuring that the public space is welcoming and inclusive for all residents and visitors. Enhanced features and layouts will contribute to a more user-friendly environment.

Community Pride: The revitalized space aims to instill a sense of pride among residents, showcasing a commitment to maintaining and improving the city's public areas. These renovations are an investment in the aesthetic and communal well-being of Peterborough.


Project Name:

City of Peterborough




500 George St. N, Peterborough K9H 3R9

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