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City of Burlington

City of Burlington: Transforming infrastructure for a sustainable future

This project marks a pivotal step in modernizing infrastructure for a more sustainable and efficient future.

Project Overview

Strategic Renovation Initiative: The Renovation to Skyway WWTP Original Administration Building is a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing the functionality and sustainability of vital infrastructure. This renovation is designed to meet the evolving needs of the community and promote environmental responsibility.

Modernization of Administration Building: The project involves the modernization of the Skyway WWTP Original Administration Building. From updated interior spaces to improved energy-efficient systems, the renovations will contribute to a more efficient and contemporary work environment.

Sustainable Practices: As part of the renovation, sustainable practices will be integrated, aligning with the City's commitment to environmental responsibility. Energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly materials, and water-saving technologies are some of the features that will be incorporated into the renovated administration building.

Community Impact

Operational Efficiency: The Renovation to Skyway WWTP Original Administration Building aims to enhance operational efficiency. The modernized facilities will support the staff in their essential roles, ensuring the smooth operation of the wastewater treatment plant.

Environmental Stewardship: By incorporating sustainable practices, the City of Burlington demonstrates its dedication to environmental stewardship. The renovations not only improve the working environment but also contribute to a reduced ecological footprint, aligning with the City's commitment to a greener future.


Project Name:

City of Burlington




1151 Bronte Road, Oakville, Ontario L6M 3L1

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