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7 Schools Led Project

Introducing Multi-School LED Retrofit Project

Welcome to a significant initiative encompassing seven schools: Saints Martha & Mary Separate School, St. Thomas More School, St. Louis Separate School, St. John Henry Newman, St. John Fisher Catholic School, Queen of Heaven Elementary School, and Georges Vanier Catholic School. Our project focuses on a pragmatic LED lighting and controls retrofit designed to enhance learning environments and reduce energy consumption.

Project Overview

LED Lighting: We are implementing energy-efficient LED lighting systems to upgrade and optimize illumination in classrooms across these seven schools. This upgrade reduces energy consumption significantly.

Advanced Controls: The installation of advanced lighting controls will enable precise customization of lighting levels to match specific needs within each school, further enhancing energy efficiency.

Unified System: By integrating all seven schools into a single, cohesive lighting and controls system, we aim to centralize management and ensure uniform energy-efficient practices across the campuses.

Impact our project brings tangible benefits.

Energy Efficiency: The retrofit will lead to substantial energy savings, making a positive impact on both the environment and the schools' operational budgets.

Optimal Learning Environments: The upgraded lighting systems will provide ideal conditions for students, fostering a conducive atmosphere for academic success.

Sustainability Leadership: Our initiative sets a practical example for future projects, showcasing how sustainability and energy efficiency can be seamlessly integrated into educational infrastructure.

Join us in promoting energy conservation and optimizing educational environments for a more sustainable future. Experience practical innovation in education through our Multi-School LED Retrofit Project.


Project Name:

7 Schools LED Project

Name of Schools:

“St. Thomas More School”, “St. John Henry Newman”, “St. John Fisher Catholic School”, “Queen of Heaven Elementary School’, “Georges Vanier Catholic Schoo’’, “St. Louis Separate School”, “Saints Martha & Mary Separate School”.


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