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Estimators at Icon Buildera are managers who scope, estimate, sell, invoice, collect payments and oversee the completion of work on insurance claims. They are responsible for ensuring jobs are being completed on time, properly and are of good quality. Estimators are the main point of contact for customers and adjusters through the whole restoration process. Job performance will be evaluated on achieving target profit numbers each year.


Set appointments on the weekly schedule within business hours. Location, type of loss and time necessary to scope should be recorded.

Document all hours spent on claims on the time sheet provided by Icon Builder to account for time spent on jobs. Must be submitted Monday of the following week by 10am.

Write estimates in logical order, from ceilings to floors, and send to senior management for approval using estimating software provided.

Emergency scope to be written within 3 days of emergency completion and all costs are in. Ensure you follow each insurance companies protocols.

Restoration scope to be written within 3-7 days of completion of emergencies and all subtrade quotes are in. Ensure you follow each insurance companies protocols.

Get PO number for all subtrades that are going to be used on a job.

Within 24 hours of completing scope, with senior managements approval, upload/send to adjuster with note asking for approval to start work.

Write estimates for all private work and create a payment schedule before private work is started.

Follow up on unsold claims once a week by calling and emailing the adjuster and the customer.

Collect deductibles and obtain work authorization at time of sale. Scopes must be signed at this time before work proceeds.

Organize all subtrades, special order items and tools/equipment necessary for contractors to complete the job before starting work on the claim.

Schedule contractors and labourers to do work as per time in components list on Xactimate.

Provide proper scope to contractor with no prices and a serparate material list before work begins.

Ensure all necessary health & safety policies, procedures and laws are being followed on by contractors and labourers.

Monitor progress on job by contacting contractors to receive progress reports with pictures of work completed. Assess quality and pace of work for feedback on performance reviews.

Check & signoff on invoices to ensure that all purchases are necessary for the job.

Review cost control throughout job and prior to invoicing any claims.

Inspect finished job, get sign-off from customer and resolve any complaints of deficiencies.

Schedule deficiences to be repaired within one week of job completion.

Bill emergencies within 3 business days of completion, all costs are in and approval from senior management.

Bill restorations within 5 business days of completion, signoffs being received, all costs are in and approval from senior management.

Solve any issues on files that may hinder payment. Call adjuster if payment has not been received within 30 days and provide further documentation needed.

Get co-payable cheques signed.

Collect payments for privatework prior to job completion.

Document any deficiencies on jobs with the name of the person or people responsible. To be provided to the human resource department and Owners.

Provide feedback, within one week of invoicing being completed, to contractors and labourers to let them know how they did.

An Estimators responsibility on a claim ends when the customer has signed off and is happy with the work, the adjuster is satisfied with the work and has received all estimates, invoices and documentation they need and we have received all payments in full.


3-5 years estimating experience Xactimate experience required!

Degree or Diploma in Construction Management preferred


Time management

Critical thinking and problem solving

Planning and organizing


Excellent communication (both written and verbal)

Team work

Conflict management

Stress tolerance


Excellent computer skills (MS word, excel, outlook)

Proficient in using estimating software (Xactimate preffered)

Construction and Building code knowledge


  • Work location – GTA
  • Drivers License G
  • Full-time employment.
  • Competitive package of salary, benefits and annual bonus scheme.
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