Essential Tips to Hire a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Waterproofing basement walls and floors is a job that mandates the presence of expertise and care throughout the course of the project. This obligates the hiring of professional basement waterproofing contractor, who you can select on the basis of the following criteria.

Credentials of The Contractor

This is perhaps the most vital parameter that you would need to verify before you strike a deal with a home improvement contractor for your residential property. Make sure that you have double checked their documentation that is pertinent to their insurance policies, bonds, and licenses. Although not all states mandate the possession of a license, it goes without saying a licensed basement waterproofing contractor would be immeasurably more comment in handling the project in question than otherwise. The presence of the licenses would additionally work to legitimize their claims as a reliable company in this domain. Also, if they have affiliations to building association memberships, it would be a clear sign of their standard of work and reputation in this arena.

Apart from the license, it is also crucial for your basement waterproofing contractor to be properly bonded and insured. They must necessarily have a workers compensation so that you are not made liable for any injuries sustained on the location of the job and other bonds and insurance to compensate you in case of any damages incurred on the site in the course of the home improvement project.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

This clause should be a mandatory inclusion in your final contract with a basement waterproofing contractor of your choice. This would work as a guarantee for them to conduct any repairs that you might need one the job is done and over with.

Moreover, you must also take into account to check if the sump pumps are guaranteed for a lifetime and the only expenditure that would be made would be that of the installation. In this context, it would also be important to mention that the contact you make in correspondence with your basement waterproofing contractor must be precise and to the point. Any convoluted wording might engender a situation where you could be exploited. Thereby, make sure that you are completely comfortable with the contact that has been drawn out and that you have understood it in the fullest measure.

Materials Used

The inspectors from the basement waterproofing contracting agency should dispense you with the provision of sampling and testing the materials that are going to be used in the project. A research and interview with multiple contractors would cumulate in you arriving at the best materials that would be used in your home at the most affordable market prices. You would have the opportunity to gauge and tally the materials that each of these basement waterproofing contractors plans on using for the project to help you judge the quality of these materials beforehand.


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