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What is a Hallway Renovation?

In addition to being one of the most important transitional places and the most often used sections, hallways give guests their first impression of your house. It can be tempting to put off remodeling your hallway in favor of remodeling your main living spaces if your corridor is particularly gloomy and dark. Still, it’s simpler than you might think to make your hallway a pleasant haven full of functionality.

How to create a welcoming hallway?

A hallway has the power to make you feel at home after a long, tough day. If you’ve got a large space to play with, make your hallway all about being as welcoming as possible and think about focal points and luxury decor in order to attract as many as possible. Icon Builders professionals suggest some interesting hallway decorating ideas such as primarily focusing on smart furniture that serves several purposes for narrow hallways that require storage solutions.

Additionally, it is preferable to choose a lighter colour for the walls in a slightly darker hallway with little natural light to reflect light and make the area appear larger. A more attractive appearance and a darker color scheme can work well somewhere with more light (or excellent lighting). You might even think about painting the ceiling the same color.

Icon Builders residential contractors believe that a good hallway renovation idea is to consider placing a console table should be in every hallway. Due to the generally streamlined nature of this furniture type, you don’t need a large place to handle it, and it will let you display some of your most valued belongings.

How to make a small hallway appear wider?

If you currently live in a small flat, you are aware that there isn’t a designated entrance. You’ve undoubtedly spent many hours experimenting with various hallway ideas, moving furniture, picking paint colors, and considering various rug designs in a maddening effort to make your narrow corridor appear more open, airy, and large.

Icon Builders can propose you a variety of interesting hallway ideas that can transform your messy hall layout into something elegant and sophisticated with a few clever hints and tips.

Using multi-purpose furniture, such as a bench that doubles as storage, console tables with drawers, and folding chairs, is a fantastic way to use a tiny hallway. Also, another thing you should do is remove any heavy, dark window treatments to enable any natural light to come inside. Light will quickly help to brighten up a little corridor as dark corners can make a hallway seem small and uncomfortable.

How to make a long hallway appear shorter?

Making a lengthy corridor appear shorter requires skillful eye manipulation. Don’t let your large hallway go to waste. You can add functionality to it, as well as aesthetics, to make it serve as an additional room in your house. Include a console in a wide corridor to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Adding built-in storage to one or both of the hallway’s sides will increase its functionality and make better use of the space. If you enjoy reading another beautiful idea that Icon Builders’ well-trained team can fulfill, is to use the walls to display books to create a walk-in library.

As a result, your hallway space will be enriched with innovative touches and will make it not only attractive but also comfortable and elegant.

Why choose Icon Builders for hallway renovation services?

Icon Builders can give you their full assistance and detailed orientation when it comes to hallway renovation services. Your hallway can be easily customized based on your requirements and expectations. Our renovation contractors can make this procedure less stressful for you and prepare your hallway in no time!

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